Feb 022013

Much of the Artwork in the Hummingbird Hill Villa was created by homeowner and artist, Roy Imhoff.  St. John being his favorite vacation spot is often the subject of his work.  He has been sketching and painting the island for over 4 decades.  His work can be found on St. John at Bajo el Sol – Under the Sun – Gallery Art Studio in Mongoose Junction.  Visit the Gallery on line at http://www.bajoelsolgallery.com/artists/painting/roy-imhoff.

Love City, St. John USVIJewell's Kitchen, St. John USVI

Additional work can be found at http://royimhoff.com/.


Aug 182011

Hummingbird Hill will always be a special place for our family.  Over the years Hummingbird Hill has witnessed many special occasions with friends and family. Weddings, anniversaries, birthday celebrations, girls’ weekends and great family vacations are all easy in the paradise called St. John.   We have many repeat guests and hope you enjoy your stay and create your own memorable experiences.  Link to guest comments

From the moment you arrive at Hummingbird Hill you will enjoy the Panoramic view.

The home is filled with memories and special pieces from our lives and we hope you will enjoy them.  From the Hallway painting of Alonzo, who was our Island neighbor and the first to welcome us Hummingbird Hill, to items on and in the walls that carrying special meaning.

Explore the Island’s many treasures.

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